Getting Started

This sections aims to get you started with API by making a simple request. You will need to authorize and provide the required headers in order to get the response. You can set the api.php environment to develop if you want to get analytic error information but do not forget to set it back to production when finished with testing. All the API resources are accessible more or less in the same way.

Request Requirements

All requests must meet the following requirements in order to be accepted by the API. Otherwise a 400 error will be returned stating the validation failure of the request.

  1. User-Agent header must always be present.
  2. POST/PUT/PATCH requests must include JSON formatted data directly in the request body.
  3. POST/PUT/PATCH requests must contain the Content-Type equal to application/json.

Rule (2) and (3) do not apply when uploading an email attachment or any other file.