Gambio GX3 - API

Complete Reference of the Gambio GX3 RESTful API.


This documentation reference will provide you analytic guides on how the API works, which resources are available and the proper way to request them efficiently.

We follow a strict deprecation period for breaking changes to our endpoints, so that appropriate time is given to users to update their implementations accordingly.

Thank you for using the Gambio GX3 API!

Client Libraries

You can download one of the following client libraries which will enable you to easily consume the REST API within your systems. The list will be extended with new clients in the future. Feel free to contribute your own clients by sending an email to

Name Language Author License Link
node-gambio-api JavaScript Ronald Loyko GPL-2.0


This API provides an easy way to access your shop information and manipulate them in external applications. It follows the REST architecture and uses JSON as the data format for all transactions. It is very easy to use from any language that supports the HTTP protocol. This section aims to cover the basic characteristics of the API before you make your first request.